In the Media – Why We Need Mom Friends

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June 23, 2014

In an article on (St. Louis Missouri, writer and young mom Chelsie Kormeier Josephine writes about why woman need mom friends.

She writes:

I adore my husband, and he sympathizes with me in all my dramatic moments. But let’s get real for a second: he doesn’t understand what it’s like to make a bowl with his hands and catch vomit. They run from it. You can talk to him about nursing for hours, but he has no idea how tired you are. You can and should communicate these things with your husband, but don’t expect him to understand every emotion you feel. He’s a male, you are a female. We are wired very differently…

She also quotes The Friendship Doctor:

…Levine says on her blog, “When you’re in a group, whether it’s a mommy and me group, a lunch bunch at your office or chatting on the playground with other young moms, get a sense of the women there and focus your energies on one person at a time.”

You can read the entire article online here: Mommy and She: Why We Need Friends

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