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On judgmental friends (iVillage)

On judgmental friends (iVillage)

Are You Ms. Judgypants with Friends? How to Stop Before They All Hate You

Here are the top ten things we judge our friends for and how to criticize less..

By Ronnie Koenig – October 17, 2013

We know we should give our friends the benefit of the doubt but sometimes it’s difficult not to pass judgment when we see her doing something dubious. When you are extremely judgmental about a friend, most likely you are extremely judgmental about yourself…

…If a friend is getting it on with the pool boy, it’s easy to judge. But the experts say you shouldn’t necessarily jump to conclusions. “You never know what life is like behind someone’s closed doors. You also don’t know what arrangement the husband and wife have with each other,” says Levine. “If your friend is cheating, it is between her and her husband. It’s best if you stay out of the picture…”

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