In the Media – Girls’ night out a restaurant respite (Tampa Bay Times)

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Tampa Bay Times

by Laura Reiley

September 9, 2013

My first girls’ night out posse was composed of fellow preschool moms. For many of us, these evenings represented precious opportunities to ditch sweat pants and scrunchies and for a few hours forgo wiping anything, herding anyone or strongly encouraging the use of inside voices. In fact, on those early girls’ nights out , we seldom used our inside voices; one of us even had a spooky ability to end evenings whooping atop the bar before doing hands-free shots (not easy; try it)…

What gives? “In our society, women are doing it all, often 24/7,” says Irene Levine, professor of psychiatry at New York University and author of Best Friends Forever . “We need a respite from the rest…

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