In the Media – When friends spill secrets (on Yahoo Shine)

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Yahoo Shine on Gossip

Yahoo Shine on Gossip

by Beth Greenfield

September 2013

“Gossiping about people is never kind. But when it’s about a friend? Really, really not cool.

Still, we all know it happens anyway — even to publicist-controlled celebrities, as was the case this week for Gwen Stefani. During a recently recorded interview with Live Nation, her friend and artistic collaborator Eve spilled the beans on Stefani’s pregnancy, which had been reported but not yet confirmed by the mama-to-be.”

Yahoo Shine asked The Friendship Doctor about why a good friend would gossip.

“Celebs are no different than ordinary people in that everyone loves to gossip, to feel important, because they have the inside track on information,” Irene Levine, PhD, friendship expert, and professor of psychiatry at NYU-Langone School of Medicine, told Yahoo Shine. “Gossip — especially when it reaches the magnitude of breaking news — can enhance the status and reputation of the person who broke the news and spilled a big secret.”

See the entire article here:–preggers—when-friends-spill-secrets-183528068.html

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