In the Media – When your friend is religious and you’re not

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From The Debrief

From The Debrief

Limara Salt, a writer with the UK publication, The Debrief, wrote an interesting piece about religious differences between friends.

She writes:

My best friend Georgina isn’t coming to my wedding. Normally that revelation would be followed by a story full of drama, arguments and passive aggressive Facebook statuses, but there’s none of that around here. Because I’m actually (honestly) completely fine with the person I would’ve chosen to be my maid of honour not being there.

Long story short: she won’t be there because my distinctly unreligious wedding (complete with enough booze and cake to bring down an elk) will be taking place on Saturday. She’s a Seventh Day Adventist, so this is her sabbath. Hence the no show.

She interviewed Dr. Levine for her piece. Click the link to read the article in The Debrief in its entirety.

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  1. Tracy says:

    I have friends on all ends of the spectrum.

    It is harder for me to be on either end- as I do believe in God, but am not religious.

    If a friend goes too overboard for my taste as far as religion or atheism, I am uncomfortable.

  2. Chantelle says:

    I do not associate with anyone who preaches to anyone. I know people from all kinds of religions who DO NOT push their belief system on me or others. I see a religious faith as a way for many people to better manage their lives, unfortunately many people think everyone else has the same needs as them. I also don’t associate with hypocrites, live your faith or don’t, but don’t try to tell others what they need. We are born enough.

  3. tanja says:

    I find it funny how people that are religious say that atheists or non religious people are close minded. Funny thing is I find religious people close minded. I had an argument with someone who is religious over abortion. I am pro choice and this guy was totally against it and under no circumstance should a woman have an abortion. Meanwhile, I am listing every scenario in the book like rape, medical conditions where mom could lose her life giving birth, baby could have severe illnesses or conditions and parents can’t afford what it will cost to keep them alive until the kid ends up dying anyway. All sorts of things, I mentioned and some of the things I mentioned was from personal experience. In any case, he was against it no matter what but then he told me to have any open mind! Can you believe that!!!! he was saying the gov’t should control women’s bodies and health’s by not allowing abortion under any circumstance and he also doesn’t believe in birth control but that I am the one with the closed mind… mmmmmmm

    • Chantelle says:

      I am pro-choice, and I certainly don’t want some ignorant, controlling man telling me what to do with my body. Those kinds of men are always whacko perverts in some way. Enough said about that.

  4. lottie says:

    My friend is a Jehovah Witness and has been for years,I am not.She does preach sometimes to the point of being boring listening to how they are coming back after Armageddon or how they are generally better than us, because we do not believe EVERTHING. It comes over as very arrogant and pompous.Some of what she says is really interesting and does make sense.She is fun and I have respect for her, she is much older than me.
    However I would like an answer to….. If they come back(not us)and they feel no pain how can they be human if for instance they get knocked down by a bus or tip the chip pan over themselves.Or what if the lawnmower cuts their foot off when cutting the grass. Is it oh silly me I have cut my foot off…no blood no pain, never mind I will just hop.
    When she gets carried away preaching I just say J… change the subject I have heard enough. We are very opposite but also alike if that makes sense. Plus here is one that she cant answer. If when we all die and they come back who does she choose to spend her life with.Her late husband or her current husband. No answer to that. Lottie

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