In the Media – The Best Way to Comfort a Crier (Greatist)

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Screenshot: The Greatist

Screenshot: The Greatist

June 24, 1014

It’s common to be placed in a situation where you find another person in tears—yet it can be awkward knowing just how to respond to a crier. In this interesting article on the website Greatist, writer Katherine Schreiber spoke with several experts and explored some of the possibilities of what crying signifies and how best to respond.

Some of us prefer not to be seen while we weep—precisely because tears signal vulnerability. Fully expressing our physical or emotional pain can feel safer when others aren’t watching. Psychologist and psychiatry professor Irene S. Levine reminds us, “crying is usually a sign that someone is unable to express frustration, pent-up grief, or sadness with words.” If a person is isolating him or herself more than usual, reach out and ask if something more serious is going on. But give space where space is due and remember to be patient with reclusive tear-shedders.

You can read the entire article on Greatist here.

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