In the Media: The Art of Friendship in the Adult World (Verily)

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Screenshot (Verily Magazine)

Screenshot (Verily Magazine)

July 13, 2014

Writer Emily Mitchell offers some tips and strategies on for making friends as an adult. She quotes The Friendship Doctor in a section of the article that focuses on connecting with old friends:

Spending time in person just might not be an option for you (or her) these days. Distance or dating may be to blame, but that doesn’t mean your friendship can’t evolve, says Irene Levine, Ph.D., the “friendship doctor” for Psychology Today. (She also runs a popular blog on female friendships called The Friendship Blog.)

Moving can be detrimental, if you let it. Develop rituals with your friends utilizing technology, like G-chat or a quick FaceTime while you’re both watching “Say Yes to the Dress.” Or try online shopping together, especially if it’s an activity you would do in person: Talk on the phone while spending time on the same site, and send links to each other before you buy anything.

Read the entire article on here.

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