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In the Media – 6 Reasons it’s okay to have a small group of friends (HerCampus.com)

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February 18, 2019

On HerCampus.com, an online college publication, reporter Ana Rocha explains the transition that takes place after college and explains why it’s okay to have a small group of friends. She offers six reasons why the number of friends you have may dwindle.

She writes:

A lot of adjustments come with the end of college, and one of the hardest is moving away from your friends. For the past four years, you’ve pretty much spent all day every day with your besties, who were literally across the hall, street or campus.

But now, whether you’re living in a new city or all your college friends have moved away, it can feel like suddenly, you have… no friends.

But instead of hashtagging everything on social media with #NoNewFriends and comforting yourself with a large jar of Nutella, you should be celebrating the friends you do have, no matter how few or far away. Here’s why!

Throughout the article, she weaves her first-person experiences with interviews from other collegians and quotes from Dr. Levine. Click here to read the article in its entirety on HerCampus.com.

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  1. LaTrice says:

    Great article, and the authors do discuss on how to maintain friendships after college-especially those that do matter the most, and of course, they’re going to have to continue to cherish those friendships always.

    I’ve met my best friend at college. Not only did we were attending college together, but we were WORKING together. She wanted to transfer to a different college to pursue a career as a doctor. Although I was disappointed to see her go, we did keep in touch with each other, and would visit each other. If my best friend needed “girl” time, I would definitely make that happen.

    Honestly, I feel that it’s important to support each other’s goals, as well as celebrating those triumphs and tribulations with your friends. I don’t think it matters to have such a large group of friends, but the ones that love and care about you, do matter.

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