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In the Media – Mean girls at school: How to talk to your daughters about friendship

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Every mother worries that her teenage daughter may become the target of mean girls at school.

April 8, 2016

In an article in the The Telegraph entitled, Mean Girls: How to talk to your daughter about toxic friendships, journalist Maria Lalley writes:

If you were to ask me what I fear most for my two young daughters – serious illness and harm aside – it would be bullying or not fitting in at school.

It’s not surprising, therefore, that Lalley was pleased to learn that her daughters’ all-girls high school decided to add socialization skills to their curriculum. Specifically, students will be taught “how to deal with classroom cliques, friendship breakdowns and so-called ‘Mean Girls’ (the term inspired by the 2004 film of the same name about a high school clique).”

The article points out that girls invest so much of themselves in their friendships that they have a tougher time emotionally that boys, when those relationships fray.

In this excellent piece, the author offers advice to moms who can easily feel as pained as the daughters who are ostracized by their peers. She speaks to the importance of parents being good listeners and making sure that their daughters feels heard and understood.

She also cautions parents to do everything possible so their own daughters don’t wind up becoming mean girls at school of anywhere else. She quotes The Friendship Doctor:

Irene Levine, a friendship psychologist and creator of TheFiendshipBlog.com, agrees:

“Teach compassion and empathy and be a friendship role model yourself. Don’t let her hear you gossiping, or saying mean things about your own friends or the other mums at school.”

Click here to read The Telegraph article in its entirety.

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