Making friends with Marlo Thomas

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Marlo Thomas on Making Friends

Marlo Thomas on Making Friends

When I was growing up, one of my favorite TV shows was That Girl, a popular sitcom featuring the beautiful Marlo Thomas as a feisty young ingenue who moved to New York to make it on her own. At a time when most women went directly from their parents’ homes to that of their husbands, the premise of the show was pathbreaking—and inspiring.

Since then, Marlo Thomas has starred in  films and on Broadway, written five best-selling books including a series of children’s  books, Free to Be..You and Me, and has been an activist for women. What fun it was when Marlo, as editor of, reached out to me last week to ask my advice about making friends.

Based on my comments, The Huffington Post put together an awesome slideshow on making friends.  I hope you’ll take a look at Marlo’s article and slide show on the site.

Here is a nice text version of 12 Ways to Make Friends.

After you’ve seen it, are there some things you would have added?

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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE what you are up to! I am working on my second song centered around friendship as it is such a HUGE issue right now with the kids that I work with daily. And as I work through friendship dilemmas with kids I still feel the pain of my own tricky friendships that have gone south and relate on so many levels. Bottom line? I really wish women could be more loyal through thick and thin and less competative. It makes me sad that I’ve had more men friends throughout my life than female friends. But men are so much simpler! Thank you SO MUCH for the work that you do. It’s very inspiring.

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