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What characteristics make someone a good friend?

Writing for Cosmopolitan Magazine, journalist Katherine Schreiber asked Dr. Levine for a short list of six characteristics that make someone friend-worthy. While the list certainly isn’t inclusive, it touches some important qualities.

The Cosmpolitan article also includes practical tips from another psychologist and expert on interpersonal skills, Jenny Taitz, Psy.D. ABPP, outlining ways in which someone can be a better friend. Schreiber writes:

If you feel you don’t have enough people in your life, pursue activities you like and try to introduce yourself to others, Taitz recommends.

“Ask questions. Smile. Read social cues — like, does the person standing next to you in line for water at the gym seem rushed or open to a friendly chat? If they’re open, try an ice breaker.”

This may not lead to instant deep conversation, Taitz admits. But you might exchange names, get a bit closer the next time you talk, and set the stage for a newfound friendship you can apply all the above skills to.

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