Left out: When your gal pal falls in love with guy pal

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Is it natural to be jealous? How do you handle the changes in the friendship?



Dear Irene,

I’m 22, and my best friend Allie and I have been friends for 11 years. We went to middle and high school together, and stayed incredibly close despite four years at different colleges in different cities, and a year in different countries. We have traveled many times together, and decided last year that in October 2010 (post college graduation), we would go on a year-long trip together, working on different farms throughout the United States. I thought our friendship was incredibly resilient, but now I’m not so sure.


In January, my roommate Paul (who’s a good friend of mine) came to visit me while I was in our hometown and met Allie. They hit it off and started dating, and have been doing the long distance thing since February. It’s going really well–they are in love, and they make time to see each other and make it work. They are currently on the East Coast, so Allie can meet Paul’s family. This is Allie’s first relationship, first time being in love, and it’s really important to her. As might be expected in this situation, I feel like I’ve been shafted.


I felt like I put in lots of effort to see her, and she put in very little effort to see me. She has never been good at balancing things, and now with a boyfriend and best friends in two different cities (me and a friend from college), she’s predictably having trouble balancing. I’ve talked to her multiple times about how I am feeling, but she hasn’t really been putting effort into our relationship. Basically, I’m not as important in her life any more, which is just something I have to deal with. She isn’t really doing anything wrong, but the way things are working out is still hurting me.


To some extent, however, we’ve worked through this. What is still an issue, however, is that we are leaving for our year-long trip in a month. The status of her and Paul is somewhat up in the air and undecided, and I’m terrified her heart won’t be in this trip that we’ve been planning for 14 months now. She says she’s on board and as excited as I am, but I know leaving Paul is a loss for her. I have a very uncomfortable tangle of emotions related to her, her relationship, and this trip. I’ve been distancing myself somewhat subconsciously so as to try not to be hurt. I don’t know if she hasn’t noticed or doesn’t care, but our relationship is clearly not what it was. We used to text little minutia to each other, jokes and the things that make a friendship, but I don’t even like doing that any more because it hurts me when she doesn’t respond.


I don’t like admitting it, but I think there is some jealousy involved–jealousy at the place Paul has taken in her life that used to be mine, jealousy of the relationship that she has that I don’t. This makes me feel horrible–I don’t want to be anything but supportive of this thing that is making her so happy. But there is something unsaid between us, and it’s wearing on me. It hurts me to think that all this negative mental energy is a result of jealousy–why can’t I just be happy for my friend and her happiness?


How can I restore our friendship, or at least stop feeling so bad when I think about her or speak to her? I just want this trip to be as fulfilling and incredible as we’ve always imagined it to be. Is that even possible? Am I being overly sensitive or does she hold some responsibility as well? Please help me gain some perspective.




Dear Christie,

Obviously, this friendship has been important over the years to both you and Allie. It’s normal to feel a sense of loss (and some jealousy) when your best friend falls in love with your roommate. Now your two friends have a different kind of bond with each other that makes you feel like the odd woman out.


As you’ve said, it’s natural that Allie would want to spend more time with Paul than with you. But having insight doesn’t make it hurt less. You need time to adjust to the change. You also need to reallocate your time and spend more of it with other girlfriends.


But I think it is the upcoming trip that has you rattled and I understand your anxiety. It sounds as if Allie made this travel commitment to you before she met Paul. Understandably, she may have misgivings now about being away for a year. I think you have to talk to her about the upcoming trip to make sure she’s still on board. If she isn’t, you need to give her an escape clause. Otherwise, the trip won’t be fun for either of you and may damage your friendship.


You need to give Allie time and space to work out her relationship with her boyfriend vis-à-vis the rest of her life. A first love can be totally consuming but it doesn’t lessen your shared history or her fondness for you. Whether or not, Allie and Paul remain a couple, she will have more time for friendships (and hopefully recognize their importance) in the future.


Unfortunately, as you suggest, this turns out to be more of a problem for you than it does for her. I think you can have a heart-to-heart with Allie to explain that you feel a sense of loss although you are happy for her. You might also see if you can figure out some way to get together regularly so you can stay connected.


Again, I think the critical issue is clarifying whether or not the trip is something that feels right for both of you at this time. That has to be making you edgy.

Hope this is helpful.



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  1. Roby says:

    I am living the same situation too.
    It was always 3 of us, my friend, this guy and I. I was in love with him, we had a small thing, he cut it, and then got with my friend who knew nothing about me be in love with him.

    I can’t hold any grudge to her, as she was in the dark about my feelings, but now I cannot face her. we are opposite kind of people, she is a girl that keeps every emotion in, and I pour it out, so I have always felt ridiculous next to her when my emotions took place and she was so controlled. She never told me anything, good or bad, she just stood silent and watched my emotion go on till dried up. I felt judged and stupid, and immature. Now that she is with him, I cannot see myself bus as the looser, the never enough one, and I cannot stand their happiness. Even as tactful as they can be, is the fact she never told me how she feels about this, about US, that is filling me with bitterness. I told her I wanted to try and keep our friendship and got back silence. I reckon she blames most of my problems to depression and loneliness and pushed me to go to see a psychologist. This hurt me, true or not, because she again avoided talking about HER feelings. I released he will never like me, therefore might as well be with her, but I am angry and resented that everyone is settles just to wait that time takes its course and one day “something” will happen. I don’t even know if she feels relieved I finally taking the distance, not even know if she likes me for real, if she wants to be back? what she expect time will do: that I go back to her or downs;t matter?
    Lots and lots of bitter question marks.

    I don’t even know if it’s worth trying to ask her. It pains a lot: overcoming emotive differences . Lot of effort needed.
    Good luck with your situation!

  2. Anonymous says:

    everything that you said in your post is exactly what i have been feeling lately. it actually felt really good to know that there was someone else out there having the same emotions as me. i felt really pathetic for caring so much, and i dont even know (even though i really DO know why, i am TERRIFIED of losing her).

    the reason why i say i dont know why i care so much, even though i do, is because i dont see it affecting her as much as it does me – why am I so emotional about it? I did the same thing as you – try and distance myself so i wouldnt get hurt in the long run, but i dont even know if she has noticed the pulling away – and i think thats what hurts the most….

    i hate feeling jealous, i hate how it makes me so upset all the time. i shouldnt care as much as i do, but i cant help it. She is my rock and i dont know what i would do without her.

    i hope you are able to talk it out with your best friend, and i hope you all the best on your year long trip. I hope you are able to use the time for some quality bonding.

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