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Keeping Friends: 25 Ways To Make Yourself A Keeper

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Keeping friends can be as challenging as making new friends: That’s because even the best of friendships require nurturing. But doing our best to be a good friend can go a long way towards maintaining these vital ties.

In my book, Best Friends Forever: Surviving A Breakup With Your Best Friend, I listed some of the ways in which we can be a better friend. The list below is adapted from that section of the book.

25 Ways to Make Yourself a Keeper

1-  If you make a promise, live up to that promise.

2-  Be punctual, dependable, and reliable.

3-  Show up when she needs you.

4-  Be yourself. Who else can you be?

5-  Accept that you are human and make mistakes. Apologize if you have said or done something wrong.

6-  Accept that she is human and may make mistakes. Offer forgiveness.

7-  Try not to moan too much.

8-  Don’t be guilty of giving out too much information (TMI) about yourself too soon.

9-  Be loyal and trustworthy. Resist the urge to gossip or spread rumors about your friend.

10- Be a good listener, tune in to what your friend is saying, and try not to interrupt.

11- Let your friend know you are interested in her and make sure everything isn’t about you.

12- Give her enough space so she doesn’t feel boxed in.

13- Accept that you won’t always be on the same page because you are two different people.

14- Be willing to make sacrifices and compromise.

15- Be a comfort blanket but don’t smother her.

16- Remember if she detests olives in her salad or anchovies on her pizza.

17- Resist saying “I told you so” even if you did.

18- If she has three sick kids, offer to help out.

19- Don’t sleep with her boyfriend or be overly flirtatious with her husband.

20- Share her successes and find ways to celebrate them.

21- Don’t brag too much when she’s feeling down.

22- Don’t let too much time elapse between get-togethers.

23- Don’t be shy about letting her know when her behavior is endangering her health or is likely to have other adverse consequences.

24- Don’t harp and constantly remind her of her bad habits.

25- Let her know how much you value her friendship.

Are you good at keeping friends? What are  the qualities of someone who is a “keeper” in your book?

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