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Just for fun: HURU HUMI Photo Contest

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This post is about artificial friends. (No, I don’t mean the phony kind). Actually, I’m announcing my latest blog contest.

These electronic toys caught my eye because they seem like the season’s perfect friendship gift for young women. When the prizes arrived, they were so cute that I was tempted to break into the tamperproof plastic to try one out myself. (I didn’t.)

Huru HumisTM (which means ‘HU R U’ and ‘HU M I" in text talk) are interactive, artificial high-school friends that talk back to you (or to each other) when you talk to them. The battery-operated dolls turn on and off at the flick of a switch. (If only we could do that with our real friends!)

The ability to be a good friend is something that every woman needs to acquire, and it is through play, that many young girls learn how to befriend. Each Huru Humi has a distinct appearance, style, personality, and voice. Warning: They aren’t shy about expressing their opinions. But like all good friends they respect differences, are funny, and have mastered the art of good conversation.

As grown-ups just found out during this very prolonged and polarized election season, we don’t necessarily agree with every woman we meet; we are more compatible with some than with others. But by being able to communicate with personalities that are both like and unlike their own, children can learn how to build solid friendships that can potentially enrich and expand their lives.

Huru Humis are intended for kids 10 and older (tweens). I have two prizes to award, Heidi and Sierra, for the best pictures of two childhood friends.

Contest rules:

  • Enter your favorite picture of any two or more childhood friends (pictured together). It need not be recent—old pictures of childhood friends are welcome.
  • With your entry, include the first name of each child shown in the picture and send your own name, snail mail address, and email address to me, so I can mail the prize to your home if you win.
  • All pictures and accompanying information must be emailed to: [email protected]. By submitting a picture you agree to allow me to use your photograph on blogs and/or in books about female friendships.
  • All entries must be submitted by November 28th, 2008. The photos will be judged by a small committee of my best friends. Please enter the contest and email this contest announcement link to your friends. The two prize winners will be announced shortly after the photo deadline.

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