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Just for Fun: Facebook Top Friends

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No surprise. People on Facebook are consumed with friendship, BFFs, besties, and like to rank their friends. Hmmm….wonder how I got there?

An article in this week’s Australian PC World ranks Top Friends (developed by Slide) as the top Facebook application. Among 46 million active users on the site, more than 3 million have signed on to Top Friends as daily users. (That’s about 15% of the total Facebook user base)…

What can it do for me and you? The developer says, “Save time and show your friends some love. Add a box of up to 32 of your BFFs [Best Friends Forever] to your profile. Now they are one click away, you don’t have to search every time you want to go check up on them. Now the question is… who is in your top friends box?”

I downloaded the application this morning and immediately found out that I was NOBODY’s best friend. My popularity was listed as a “wallflower” with the promise that I might somehow be able to rise to the next level of “diamond in the rough.” What a way to start the day!

Also, I quickly realized that it’s pretty scary to rank your friends publicly, even the ones who are virtual, and most of my true BFFs aren’t even obsessed with Facebook, the phenomenon, as I am.

So I implore you, my Facebook user friends—any chance you will let me in to your BFF circle, list me as a Top Friend, and enhance my sense of self-esteem? Can you elevate me to a “diamond in the rough” or even higher?”

From Wiki Answers
What does BFFs on Facebook mean?

“BFF” is a common acronym used on social-networking sites like Facebook and MySpace, as well as instant messaging and e-mail to describe the relationship between two or more people.

It means “Best Friends Forever” and is generally used to demonstrate loyalty and affection for a particularly meaningful friend or group of friends.

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