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Just for Fun: BAFAB

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Well I know there is
a day or a week to celebrate just about anything and everything but I was so
excited when I heard about this one that I couldn’t resist sharing the news. The
first week of each of four months—in January, April, July and October—-has been designated “Buy
A Friend A Book Week.”

Granted it was created
by an author but wasn’t she smart? Debra Hamel said she thought of it one night while laying awake after an emergency diaper change. You can bet that when my book is published,
I’ll celebrate the day!…

It is a lovely
thought to surprise a friend with a gift of a book for absolutely no reason at
all except that you treasure your friendship, treasure books, or both! I love
to have my friends read books I’ve enjoyed and find out their reactions. Just
another way of making sure we are still kindred spirits!

There’s not much
more to find out but if you want to see the original site, click here.

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