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In the Media – iVillage – 18 Ways to Help Your Kid Make Friends

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September 18, 2012

iVillage Canada

by Jennifer Derryberry Mann

Going back to school can give even the most charming and outgoing kid the jitters — there are new kids to contend with in class, constantly shifting social dynamics, plus the everyday anxiety that can come with starting something new. So whether your kid’s new in school, working through a shy phase, or just a little bit clueless, here’s how you can help her make friends….

Make a Date

Arranging a playdate can help a child test the waters of friendship in the security of their own home, where their confidence is likely to be greatest. Here’s how to schedule the fun:

— Limit the playdate to two kids so they can get to know each other one-to-one, says psychologist and psychiatry professor Irene S. Levine, who writes The Friendship Doctor blog.

— Stay alert to what’s happening but resist the urge to hover and solve every little problem, Levine says.



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