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Irene’s brush with stardom: John Tesh follows her Psychology Today blog

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A blogger never knows who her readers are unless they post or link to her blog. This post appeared on John Tesh’s blog on 10/14/09.

On the outs with your friend? Here’s how to mend a tattered friendship

Kids, spouses, jobs, an economic recession creating job losses (maybe your own), rising health care costs…it’s been a pretty tough world out there lately, and you may notice current situations taking a toll on your closest friendship. Maybe things just aren’t the way they used to be between you and your BFF. One of you may be feeling snappish, or just downright uptight when you’re together. While you used to be attached at the hip, there’s suddenly a wedge between you. What can you do? Irene S Levine, PhD, The Friendship Doctor at Psychology Today, offers the first steps to try…


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