Interested in Making February Your “Month of Letters?”

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I came across an interesting idea on a publishing website
called Galley Cat.
Author Mary Robinette Kowal is launching The Month of Letters Challenge
in February, inviting writers around the world to try to post a letter a day.


Specifically, she’s asking participants to mail one item each
day during the month. It could be a letter, note, photograph, postcard, or
newspaper clipping—anything that can easily be put in the mail. She’s suggesting
that participants aim to mail 24 items during the month (giving them time off
for the four Sundays and the U.S. holiday).


It could be an interesting experience for anyone — not
such writers. It’s a great way to reach out to old friends, extend contact with
current friends, and make new ones—and see the effect of snail mail correspondence
on friendship. Participants seeking a penpal to write to can sign up here.


If anyone here decides to participate, I’d love to hear
feedback about your experience at the end of the month.



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