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On Making New Friends

On Making New Friends



April 26, 2013

A columnist for the London Telegraph in Denmark finds that making new friends as an expat is a lot like dating…

by Helen Russell

“Adults are more self-conscious and reluctant to reach out to new friends and often have the mistaken impression that everyone else is already paired up, like Noah’s Ark,” says psychologist and producer of The Friendship Blog, Irene Levine.

“Contrary to the myth perpetuated by popular culture, most friendships don’t last forever and people need to continually replenish their ‘stock’.” To do this, you have to get out there.

“Reaching out for new friends takes sociability, self-confidence and social skills,” says Levine. A bit like dating? “Very similar!”

Read Helen Russell’s essay on making new friends in its entirety.

***Curious about the definition of WLTM = would like to meet


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