In the Media – On Her Campus: Friendship Faux Pas

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Her Campus is an online community for college women that is written by more than 3000 aspiring college journalists. I was delighted to be interviewed by Lauren Kaplan, one of their contributors who wrote about some of the common friendship quandaries that arise on campus.

Lauren writes:

It can be hard to part with a dress for a night when you know that your friend won’t return it until weeks later… whether you’re a friendship faux pas offender or victim, tension can arise between you and your besties and can really take a toll on even the strongest friendships.  Here are the friend-peeves that really bug use, and how to solve them…

When she’s asking to borrow everything from your hairdryer to your textbooks to your clothes, you run the risk of losing track of your own belongings – not to mention having a pile of dirty laundry from two people.  Instead of lending her everything you own, find out why she insists on borrowing your things so often.  Friendship expert Dr. Levine suggests telling her clearly what she can borrow and for how long. Specific time frames and rules about what she can use might help to curb her reliance on your possessions.  Next time she asks to use your curling iron, say, “sure, but I need it back by Friday- will you be able to bring it back by then?”  If she says yes but then doesn’t, don’t lend her something the next time she asks.

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