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In the Media – On Ghosting: 5 Ways to Deal With Being Ghosted by a Guy

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Screenshot - Self.com

Screenshot – Self.com

Suzanne Zuckerman

August 6, 2015

On Self.com, journalist Suzanne Zuckerman tries to make sense of the phenomenon of “ghosting” – when someone vanishes from your life without any explanation.

She writes:

It used to be that a guy you were dating maybe just fell off the face of the planet. But the new version of that snub is something of a phenomenon called “ghosting”—it’s heavily-fueled by technology and is when someone abruptly cuts off the relationship or simply stops responding to you.

And since so much face-to-face interaction has been replaced by our smartphones, it’s easier than ever for so-called ghosts to act like you don’t exist.

It’s not just boyfriends who seem to disappear into thin air, either; friendships can die this way too.

In the article, Zuckerman speaks to relationship experts including Dr. Irene S. Levine, The Friendship Doctor, to offer readers tips on how to heal if they’ve been ghosted.

Click here to read the Self article on ghosting in its entirety.

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