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In the Media – On Friendship and Personality (ATTN:)

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Writer Laura Donovan explores the relationship between friendship and personality in an article she recently wrote for the website ATTN: called “ What Your Friendship Habits Say about Your Personality.”

It discusses where we tend to find our friends and what types of friendships we prefer. The author interviewed The Friendship Doctor and her friend/colleague, friendship expert Dr. Andrea Bonior.

On those who tend to keep friendships over the long haul, she writes:

“Childhood friendships are priceless, because they entail shared memories,” Levine said. “A childhood friend may have been with you on your first day of school or on your first date. They may have known your parents, siblings, and house where you grew up.

Being able to maintain those friendships over the years is admirable, because as people grow and mature, their lives tend to veer in different directions.”

Click here to read the ATTN: article in its entirety.

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