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Screenshot (Metro India)

Screenshot (Metro India)

August 28, 2015

Have you noticed all the “girl squads” coalescing around your favorite stars?

A recent article in India Metro News mentions the ubiquitous phenomenon of women banding together in film and on TV—as well as off the set. They note that contrary to the common stereotypes of women cat-fighting and undercutting each other, “female friends now are on the forefront in every sense, and are no longer on the sidelines.” They are forming girl squads.

The article asked The Friendship Doctor to explain the phenomenon:

“When a celebrity becomes part of a gang or group of powerful A-listers, she is surrounding herself with peers,” Levine says. “These women are equals, which offers the possibility for true friendships.

Moreover, when there is mutual respect and admiration, women can be informal mentors and role models to one another.”

The article continues:

Even if such kind of partnerships may have existed before, it’s only getting visibility now. Such friendship are particularly empowering as it benefits all women be it in the boardrooms, corporate spaces and entertainment for that matter by disrupting a male dominated setup.

Click here to read the Metro India article, United They Stand, in its entirety.

Also see a recent article in the NYT about girl squads.

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  1. Mary says:

    As soon as you put a bunch of females together there will always be catty fights.

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