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November 1, 2015

We have all heard of the legend of Bridezilla, the self-centered bride who has lost her sense of how she is supposed to treat her friends and family leading up to her wedding day. Ironically, the fallout is often most hurtful to people in the wedding party.

In a short piece on for which Dr. Levine was interviewed, journalist Jillian Kramer writes about some of the stresses that can surface for a bridesmaid. She writes:

Some signs your bride is taking advantage of you, Levine says, might include: Not showing she appreciates what you do for her, being overly demanding by asking for money and time that goes above-and-beyond your reasonable bridesmaid duties, or asking you to do things she herself wouldn’t do if the roles were reversed.

“If you feel used or put upon, it can really strain or even fracture your friendship,” Levine warns.

So if you fear you’re being taken for granted or even taken advantage of, you should “talk to the bride at a relaxed moment and set some reasonable boundaries for your participation in the wedding party” she says. “You can reaffirm that you want to be there for the bride, but can’t take on more than you can handle.”

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  1. ShootingStar says:

    Idk if there’s a more “appropriate” blog for me to post in, but my BF of 11yrs is getting married. She drops hints I am the MOH and she says she wants to get married June 4th, but the venues down payment isn’t paid for. I don’t feel appreciated and I’ve driven (2hr round trip) to see her to deal with wedding stuff. I live in the larger city with alot more choices and I’ve mentioned her dividing the drive up and her see me instead of me seeing her. To this day I don’t know my title and the venue still hasn’t been reserved. I don’t feel valued. Atleast tell me what part I have in the wedding. I’m putting half my weekends on hold until June 4th in case I have to attend or throw a party/parties. I’ve reached out to her serval times about it all and even told 2 ppl including her mom that her bridal party hasn’t been asked. All the groomsman/best man know who they are so why can’t we?

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