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From The Huffington Post – June 24 2103

A Friend is Someone Who Likes You vs. ‘Viet Nam, Viet Nam,’ When Good Friendships Go Bad

by Nancy Doyle Palmer

For her article on midlife friendships, Nancy Doyle Palmer interviewed me and some of her friends to try to determine why rifts occur after so many years.

This is what she included from our interview:

“Aside from simply drifting apart, friendships blow up because of disagreements, disappointments and misunderstandings. 

The breakup of a long-term friendship can be very disturbing because over time, friends create a shared history that’s painful to even think about replacing Also, over time, people become more emotionally invested in a friendship. They may have poured their hearts out to each other and have become keepers of each other’s secrets. Friendships, even very good ones, are dynamic and tend not to last forever. People’s lives and circumstances change over time and a friendship that worked at one stage of someone’s life may not work at another. 

And perhaps, the person who “goes off the reservation” has been harboring resentment for a long time and it finally boils over. Perhaps, she decides that she no longer wants to “pretend” that the friendship is meeting her needs. In mid-life, women often stop to reassess their lives and relationships.”

You can read Nancy’s article in its entirety here.


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  1. Sheryl says:

    Many of my friendships have disintegrated through the years for various reasons. But the upside is it gives me space for new and wonderful friends!

  2. Beatrix says:

    Great line from the article-
    “Real Girlfriends give each other giant space.”

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