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I’m so embarrassed…what do I do next?

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What do you do when you embarrass yourself in front of a group of friends?



At a school function I did something stupid. How do I get the spot light off me to move on?

Signed, Suzie


Dear Suzie,

You’re in very good company. We’ve all said or done things we wish we hadn’t. You probably feel like everyone is focused on the “stupid thing” you did, but chances are people are too busy and consumed with their own lives so spend a lot of time thinking about your “stupid thing.”

If what you did calls for an apology, call the person or people and do so. But unless what you did was so stupid that it profoundly affected everyone, a public apology probably isn’t warranted.

Rather than dwelling on what you did, use the experience to avoid making a similar mistake. Forgive yourself for being imperfect and try to move on. The people who knew and respected you before the  “stupid thing” won’t change their minds because of one mistake. The others probably won’t remember.

Keep your head held high!

Amy Feld*

*Amy Feld, PhD, MSW has trained and worked as a child psychologist.

**No information provided here or elsewhere on this blog is intended as medical advice. The blog focuses on everyday friendship problems.

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  1. Candace says:

    If it’s something like you pooped on your pants or vomited on someone, relax. Next time you see your friends, it’s best not to try to act like it didn’t happen. You can even bring it up and make fun of yourself in front of them. Like, “Oh my I’m so embarrassed about last time. That was a terrible diarrhea! hahah!” True friends will understand.

    Now if you did something like intentionally spread a gossip against a friend and you were cornered and pinpointed as the source of it, well. That sucks.

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