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In the Media – How depression affects friendships

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Screenshot (Mic.com)

Screenshot (Mic.com)

In an article in Mic.com, a website targeted to the generation known as millennials, senior staff writer Jenny Kutner describes how depression affects friendships.

She writes:

For the depressed person, friendship can be a strain — even when they need it the most. The strains depression can place on a relationship are usually obvious to everyone in it — including the depressed person, who often is well aware that they’re not fun to be around.

Being conscious of your own limitations as a friend can often make someone with depression feel even worse.

Kutner spoke to The Friendship Doctor and others experts:

“A depressed person’s energy may ebb and flow so they aren’t able to keep their commitments,” Irene S. Levine, a psychologist and author who studies friendship, told Mic.

“He or she may convey a sense of hopelessness. Everyone feels blue from time to time, but depression is more persistent, affecting an individual’s mood, behavior and functioning. In fact, it can be depressing to be around a friend who is depressed for long periods of time.”

Click here to read the Mic.com article in its entirety.


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