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In the Media – How Being a New Mom Changes Old Friendships (Toronto Star)

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Toronto Star (screenshot)

Toronto Star (screenshot)

April 24, 2016

Becoming a new mom dramatically alters someone’s life and relationships. With the responsibility of a new baby, a woman’s time is no longer her own. If she was working before, she may suddenly find herself sequestered at home juggling more responsibilities than she can manage. Motherhood often comes with a steep learning curve It also tends to profoundly alter social relationships with friends and family members (including her husband).

Writing in the Toronto Star, staff reporter Lauren Pelley explored this aspect of friendship by examining recent research; she also conducted a series of interviews with women and friendship experts.

The article cites one study that found that moms have fewer friends after childbearing and another study that concluded that friendships were less satisfying after having kids.

She asked Dr. Levine to weigh in on the role of the new mom’s friends. She writes:

“Don’t make demands on (a new mom) that she might not be able to keep,” says Irene Levine, psychologist and author of Best Friends Forever: Surviving a Breakup with Your Best Friend. Even scheduling phone calls can be tricky with a newborn or busy school-aged child, she notes.

Her conclusion is hopeful though: She notes “it is still possible to keep friendships alive after having kids.”

Click here to read the Toronto Star article in its entirety.

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