Her Campus: How to Avoid Spending Too Much Time With Your Boyfriend

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Friday, February 24, 2012By Rebekah Meiser


With the allure of a new relationship, many girls find themselves interested in nothing else than their new man. Part of this appeal is because having a boyfriend in college is a totally new experience from high school relationships. Without inquisitive parents keeping a watchful eye on your activities, you’re able to have impromptu sleepovers, go out for lunch, skip class to hang out, and avoid studying for tests so you can have movie night. But with this newfound freedom, it’s easy to ignore other responsibilities and friendships in order to nurture a new relationship. Chances are, you’ve experienced this or seen a friend go through it…


Irene S. Levine, author of Best Friends Forever: Surviving a Break-Up With Your Best Friend,
says "It’s natural that two people would want to focus on each other
early on in a romantic relationship. Yet women need to keep in mind that
it’s healthy to maintain female friendships too. They need to make sure
that they set aside time for girlfriends so that you can keep up these


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  1. Tammie Sheaffer says:

    Friendship is a gift from God like children. Your friends are lent to you for lessons to be learned at very specific times and or experiences in our lives. Some more difficult than others, for example, the loss of a child, parent, partner, or friend. All very difficult and sometimes no words seem to be appropriate for what one is feeling.
    When a friendship ends, there is an opportunity for growth and maturity and wisdom to develop which results in character. These are often opportunities for new doors to open. Welcome these changes and never look back.
    I recently lost my bestfriend and lover and did not even know we were not going to talk again. I was crushed and still am. My friends do not want to hear about it. He has a new girlfriend which is what it is. I still wanto be friends, but he is unwilling. We were neighbors whicmakes this even more difficult.

    Actually his parents were my neighbors and he was their care giver. It was all too perfect that he and I met and became best friends. We walked and talked anf he even got me to ride a bike at 53 years old. I am now in the best physical shape of my mid adult life. What a powerful gift he gave me. One I will always treasure. Always look for the joy and remember the good in the friends you were fortunate to have known.
    I recently lost my best friend snd

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