Her Campus: The Collegiette’s Ultimate Midterm Survival Guide

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An article in HerCampus on study groups

October 17, 2012

By Sarah Kahwash 

About Study Groups…

While friends can be a distraction, they can also be a big help. If you think it will help you, try studying with a partner or in a group. Other people can help motivate you, can come up with new ways for understanding or studying a complex topic, and can make an arduous task more fun,” says Dr. Irene Levine, Professor of Psychiatry at NYU School of Medicine.

But choose wisely – it is possible for group studying to go awry: “Other people can be distracting, they may be competitive, they may over-rely on you for helping them,” adds Dr. Levine. “Try to choose people you can rely upon. Basically, make sure you’re studying with Rory Gilmore and not Paris Hilton.

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