No Nonsense tips to help friendships survive the challenges of time and distance

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Being a BFF takes effort, especially when friendships are  challenged by time and distance. These five tried and true tips were gleaned from insights contained in more
than 16,000 essays submitted in the No nonsense® Between Friends
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1.  Be invested. It’s going to be a bit harder to connect
through different time zones and different phases of life, but if
you’re serious, you’ll be invested for the long haul. Being invested
can be as simple as remembering to call weekly or monthly or as
complicated as making the effort to plan vacations together. And the
investment can vary over time and space, as long as the relationship
remains positive and fulfilling for both friends.

2.  Be authentic. The internet offers new and wonderful ways
friends can share and get really personal through online support groups
and chat rooms. It’s paramount that you represent yourself
authentically because trust and honesty are the foundation of any
relationship whether it’s in person or on line. When you’re sharing
about a personal issue, make sure you’re telling the whole truth and
nothing but the truth…if you don’t, your friend will know.

3.  Make a pact. Many friends separated by time or distance
have an unwritten code … that no matter what, they’ll always take that
long weekend in October. Or kick off the summer with that special beach
celebration. Make these "appointment" meetings the rule not the
exception and do not cancel.


4.  Be creative in your contact. Don’t just call. Jot a
quick note saying that, even though you may be separated by distance,
you’re thinking about her. Text her just to say hi. Send flowers to her
office. Remember her birthday and anniversary. Little things go a long


5.  Make new memories and share old ones. While time and
distance certainly pose difficulties, the best friends don’t let that
stop them. Sharing a wonderful new memory is a great way to reconnect.
Upload a photo to Facebook. Send a photo to your friend in that
different time zone. Share a new experience or details of a great
evening out … and let your friend know how much you missed them. Or
regale your bi-coastal buddy with a "remember when?" … she’ll get a
kick out of a long-forgotten memory popping up on a Tuesday evening.
And she’ll thank you for it!

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