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Media opportunity: Have you broken up with a best friend?

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A national TV news organization wants to identify two friends to interview on air—two friends who had been very close for at least five years and then had a falling out. If you think you might be interested in telling your story, please send me a paragraph or two explaining 1) how you met and 2) how you split up—so I can pass that information on to the producer. Thanks for your help! You can send the information via the contact form at the bottom of this page.



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  1. Montessahall says:

    I had a falling out several months ago with a friend of 35 years. I completed treatment for cancer during which time my friend was very supportive. I invited my friend to a luncheon to celebrate the completion of my cancer treatment. During what I thought was a light hearted exchange between the two of us, my friend wondered out loud what to wear. I suggested she wear something comfortable, possibly pastel. Following this conversation I did not hear from my friend for several days which was unusual for us. When I called her she said she was furious with me. “How dare you give me fashion advice” She informed me she was not coming to my luncheon. I profusely apologize to her to no avail. I decided that if a friend of this longevity could fall out over something so trivial, I was fine terminating the friendship.

  2. Em says:

    I met my best friend in 2001 when we both built houses on the same street, almost across the street from each other. I had planned a t-shirt tie dye craft for some of the kids on the street and her children joined in the fun. Afterwards, I walked the girls home so I could explain how to wash the shirts to their mom. She and I clicked right away, we talked forever that day. Over the years, we celebrated “friendaversary”, she made that up to mark the anniversary of our friendship. We talked every day and did almost everything together. Then I started to experience what I later found out was a major depression. I found myself not wanting to go out with the “girls” (4-5 women on the street) much or attend parties at each others houses. This caused some tension between us and our relationship became strained. I finally lost patience and during a text conversation, I told my best friend she was selfish for always talking about her upcoming vacation while I stressed out every day at work. This was about the last communication we’ve had since then. I tried to reach out early in the fight but she totally turned her back. It has been so tough, lots of emotions for me, anger, sadness, confusion, disbelief.

  3. Dee says:

    I had a best friend, we met at age 16 and in the fortieth year of our relationship she told me (via a text message) that she couldn’t get her head around something I had done. I was not told what the something was, although the fact that I had had her car repaired at my own expense (with love) went unnoticed. That was almost three years ago and I am still grieving. I have often considered that perhaps I was the one that kept the relationship simmering. Sometimes I feel that I may have wasted a great deal of time, and other resources. I hope I’m wrong. However, I will not know as I decided not to contact the person again. That said, the door is still ajar…

  4. Bronwyn says:

    I don’t know that I’ve broken up with a “best” friend, not even sure I like that term. But someone terminated a friendship some years back that was very important to me.

    I’d be willing to discuss it on camera.

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