Have a friendship breakup story to share?

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A national TV news program is looking for a woman who is willing to go on-air and speak about an upsetting breakup with a girlfriend, perhaps due to a betrayal or back-stabbing.


If you are interested, please email your story to me ([email protected]) in less than 200 words, including your email address, age, and place of residence.


I will pass this information on to the producer who prefers to remain anonymous and you will only be contacted directly if your story fits the needs of the program.


Please put TV in the subject line and submit no later than June 20th. Thanks for your help!


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  1. Barbara says:

    Goodmorning Irene, first thank you for having me on your blog with the interview of my book. It is exciting to be here and to find your blog. It is now in my favorites.

    I am sending a story via e-mail for consideration for the TV show. There can be many reasons for a friendship to break up, I will send you mine. The good news is that sometimes you can weather that breakup and comeback together years later with a stronger bond.

    If the journalist is on the ball perhaps the lesson that can be shared on the newsprogram is that friendships between women, and even those between men, can have their problems. Just like couples there can be issues that break you up, break your heart, but over time a broken heart can be mended. A bad situation with a best friend can resolve itself over time.

    To me a true friendship is like a family member. The foundation of love is there. After the difficult period I think you can reconnect and pick up where you left off. Remember those family members you never have contact with but when you finally see each other it is as if time never passed and you just start talking like it was yesterday. I have that relationship with my brother. I always wonder why the heck he never calls, why I don’t call and then we talk and everything is like it always was.

    If your best friend does you wrong and that fence can never be mended, this wasn’t a true friendship to start with, just a passing fancy. I think love and friendship can weather disasters and come back strong.

  2. Irene says:

    Thanks so much for your note. I’m hopeful that this journalist is quite responsible and will present a balanced picture of friendships!




  3. Anonymous says:

    I worry that these sorts of shows only serve to stereotype women as catty and petty and not to help them develop good friendships.

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