A Haunting Death: Could friends have saved Amy Winehouse?

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People were shocked to hear of the death of singer Amy Winehouse. What are your thoughts about whether the support of good friends might have averted this tragedy? Choose one answer below or write in your own thoughts.

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  1. Kristin says:

    They haven’t even determined the exact cause of death, yet. While it seems likely that her death was caused by drugs or alcohol, you don’t actually know that. This is like saying someone who has lung cancer was probably a smoker.

  2. ginger says:

    It sounds like you’re a supportive friend. I would say to your friend, in a caring way, that you’re very concerned about her pill popping and drinking. She’s an adult, who knows the negative effects this can have on her health and other aspects of her life. Ultimately, she’s the only one that can change her behaviour. If she does not or cannot change, depending on how much it’s affecting you, you may want to downgrade the friendship. All the best.

  3. Anonymous6 says:

    Very tragic. Such a talent!
    But she might not be a good example for such a poll as this one. Her substance abuse problems were huge. How on earth could any friend or loved one be expected to have any kind of impact.

    I have a dear friend who is often making comments about drinking or popping pills to destress during horrible work situations. She’ll mention that she just “had” to have a drink in the a.m. or steal pills from her sister. I agonize over this. I don’t want to alienate her because I want her to feel she can confide in me about this. Better that than her feeling she has to hide things from me. But I am afraid I am not tough enough. I keep suggesting alternatives to the booze and pills, but she just ignores me. I don’t know what to do. This has been going on for more than 10 years, so I guess she is either a highly functioning alcoholic or perhaps she doesn’t drink as much as I am afraid she might. I don’t know what to do. I am not her keeper, but I still feel it is cowardly to ignore her when she makes these comments.

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