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Happy National Best Friends Day! Life is better with friends

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Graphic courtesy of Girlfriendology

Graphic courtesy of Girlfriendology

June 8, 2016 is National Best Friends Day.

My pal, Debba Hauppert, CEO and “Chief Girlfriend” of the website Girlfriendology, reminded me that June 8, 2016 is National Best Friends Day. She wrote:

Friendship, the relationship that impacts our health and happiness, actually has several days dedicated to celebrating it– including June 8th (“National Best Friends Day”) and the entire month of September (which is recognized as “International Women’s Friendship Month.”)

Apropos of the occasion, Debba sent along a neat infographic that is reprinted below. As this Friendship Infographic explains, friendship is universal—celebrated around the world. It has been the inspiration for everything from a hit TV show to a Beatle’s song to a spaceship! 

Perhaps, it’s a good time to think about the personal importance of friendship to you, and pause to take stock of your friendships: 

  • Do you have as many friends as want/need? If not, what might you do differently to make new friends? Don’t succumb to the myth that everyone already has their friends. It’s simply not true.
  • Is there one friendship that’s important to you, one you want to nurture? What steps might you take to strengthen it?
  • Most of us try to be good friends, but how can we be better ones? If you recognize a pattern of broken friendships in the past, think about why this may have happened? Would could you do differently in the future?

It’s never too late to make new friends.

Visit Debba’s website, Girlfriendology, to find some awesome suggestions for 10 ways to celebrate National Best Friends Day and other inspiration for women on empowering, supporting and celebrating girlfriends!

National Friendship Day - June 8, 2016


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