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In the Media – Getting through a friendship breakup (TheSwaddle.com)

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TheSwaddle (screenshot)

TheSwaddle (screenshot)

Sonali Gupta writes about getting through a breakup on TheSwaddle.com.

Writing on the website, The Swaddle, psychologist Sonali Gupta discusses how devastating it can be to break up with a friend. She makes the point that certain circumstances even complicate these breakups even more. She talks about the impact of breakups on teenagers and also suggests cultural issues:

In India, this takes on added significance. Within a culture that places value on blood ties and arranged marriage, friendships are truly the relationships we choose for ourselves. As such, they are often a deeper source of empowerment and vulnerability than we realise. 

In the article, Gupta also quotes The Friendship Doctor. She writes:

As Irene Levine, the author of Best Friends Forever: Surviving a Break With Your Best Friend, puts it, “One of the things that makes [a friend break-up] really difficult is that there is no one to talk to about it. The person you’d most want to talk to is the person you broke up with.”

Click here to read the Swaddle article in its entirety.

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