The Fruits (and Vegetables) of Long Friendships

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Today I saw my friend Vikki for the first time in a long time. She lives about two hours away from my home (without any traffic on the Long Island Expressway). The geographic divide between us as well as the hectic pace of our lives could have wreaked havoc on our relationship, but the two of us seem to slip in and out of each other’s lives with flexibility, grace and forgiveness. The roots of our friendship run deep—forty-one years to be exact—and we are not about to give that up…

We met for lunch to celebrate and share our milestone birthdays, which both fall this month and found, as expected, that our friendship hadn’t skipped a beat.


She knew I was crashing on my book so she made the trip here to save me time, bringing with her a bounty of fresh produce from the farmstand near her home. We had a leisurely visit without one awkward moment, talking and laughing about our past, present and future. She remembers things about me that I don’t remember about myself.


We caught up on family news, friendships shared, and brainstormed about a project we will work on together soon. Our visit reminded us both of why we “clicked” initially and why we still have such a rich and special friendship.

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