Friendship by the Book: Songs without Words

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When a close friendship fades away, the passage of time
makes it harder and harder to patch up the divide.

In Songs without Words
(Alfred A. Knopf, 2007), the writing of Ann Packer captures the fragility of female friendships as well as the complexities of repairing friendships
when they falter.

Lifelong friends Liz and Sarabeth are like sisters: They
share a long and rich history with one another. Over time, their lives take different paths when one remains single and the other marries and has children—yet
the relationship remains steadfast…

When Liz’ daughter Lauren becomes severely depressed, the
crisis precipitates a period of intense emotional upheaval for Liz’ family and
simultaneously tests the resiliency of her friendship with Sarabeth.

As Liz struggles
to cope with her family crisis and its fallout on her marriage, her friendship with
Sarabeth erodes. Both women feel a profound sense of loss, but neither is able
to reverse the downward spiral that has overtaken their once-close friendship.

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