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The Friendship Blog Newsletter – May 2, 2009

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Have you been reading my posts on The Friendship Blog this month? If you haven’t, this is what you’ve missed:

April 29

The Girls from Ames: An Interview with best-selling author Jeffrey Zaslow

I was thrilled to be able to interview Wall Street Journal columnist Jeffrey Zaslow about his new book that recently made the New York Times bestseller list. Zaslow also co-authored The Last Lecture with Randy Pausch.

April 29

Friendship by the Book – The Girls from Ames: A Story of Women & a Forty-Year Friendship

‘Friendship by the Book’ is an occasional series of posts on this blog about books that offer friendship lessons. This post provides an overview of Jeffrey Zaslow’s book new non-fiction book—in my opinion, a must-read.

April 27

Postcard from Mexico City

Read about my ill-timed trip to a destination wedding in Mexico

April 21

A Friend Who Drinks Too Much

How do you handle a friend who drinks too much? It isn’t easy but here are some tips.

April 20

In Friends We Trust—Until they let us down

Can you salvage a friendship once trust is lost? Read a letter from a disappointed friend.

April 15

Friends Don’t Judge—or do they?

Some people feel that friends shouldn’t judge each other. Other people feel just as strongly that while they shouldn’t judge a friend, per se, they should be honest and tell her when she is doing something potentially risky or hurtful. See where this women came out on the issue.

April 14

Five Common Pitfalls of FemaleFriendship

I was honored to be a guest blogger on GirlfriendCelebrations.com. I wrote about some common landmines and they can be avoided.

April 12

The Friendship Challenges of Teens with Autism

Because April was Autism Awareness Month, I blogged about some of the special challenges faced by teens with autism.

April 11

Girlfriend Getaways: Time to Reconnect and Recharge

Read my interview with MaryBeth Bond, author of 50 Best Girlfriend Getaways. Why are these vacations so inspiring?

April 10

Me, Me, Me: When Friendship is a One-Way Street

How do you handle a one-sided friendship? Well, don’t be too quick in answering. What if she has a panic disorder?

April 7

Feeling Used by A Friend

How do you handle a friend in an abusive relationship who only needs you when she’s on the outs with her boyfriend?



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