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A recent ad on Craig’s list read:

Female Friends -40’s (santa clara)
Reply to: [email protected]
Date: 2007-06-20, 10:18AM PDT

Looking for active, dependable, female friends (40’s) for occasional walks (about 5 miles) at a local park in Santa Clara.

Given the time constraints women face and the power of the internet, this advertisement sounded like a very clever and direct way to look for new friends…

I’m curious. Will the poster find what she’s seeking? Will anyone respond? If so, will they be the kind of women whom she can tolerate on a walk? Or will her recruits far exceed her expectations—and turn into kindred spirits who share more than a walk in the park?


I hope [email protected] will weigh in on this blog and let us know.

Just as happens with many marriages, friendships that were once solid can flounder when two people grow apart over time. Or it could be a case of one person growing with the other remaining much the same. In either situation, the special chemistry that bonded the two no longer exists. Because this is so common, it’s important to find new ways to replenish the friendship inventory.


Here’s one to add to your list.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    The older I get the more I think girlfriends are more important than anything. My two oldest friends and I celebrate our significant anniversaries. I’ve known one since grade school church choir and one since smoking in the bathroom in junior high–that’s over 45 years, far longer than I’ve been married.

    A few years ago, for Mother’s Day, we took a spa-hopping trip to Phoenix/Scottsdale. It was basically wonderful (see my story at But we had work through some issues as well. One of my friends was jealous of the other, who had had more boyfriends and male attention over the years. She was angry enough that she made me cry in the backlash. But we’re still friends. You have to work at it just as if you were married to your girlfriends; just not as often.

    Judy Kirkwood

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