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Friends, Lovers or ‘Friends with Benefits’?

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What’s a little sex between friends? A more common scenario than you
might think. Two researchers, Melissa A. Bisson of Wayne State
and Timothy R. Levine of Michigan State University (MSU), studied Friends with
Benefits (FWBs)—couples who have sexual relations within the context of a
casual friendship…


Sixty percent of the MSU research participants (college
students) admitted having such relationships and said that they valued them
because “they incorporated trust and comfort while
avoiding romantic commitment.”

FWB friendships are common among busy young professionals
who enjoy the physical aspects of friendship but who are in-between more
committed or longer-term relationships.


The new
studies, reported in the September 13, 2007 issue of the Archives of Sexual
Behavior and reported in today’s New York Times, found that those friends who
“hook up” like this rarely have explicit conversations about the nature of
their relationship. The researchers conclude, “Although common, FWB relationships are often
problematic for the same reasons that they are attractive.”


Bottom line: Honest, open communication is essential to any relationship—friends, lovers or friends with benefits.


To read more about FWBs, see Teenwire
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