A Friend Indeed

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The Woodstock (Ontario, CA) Sentinel Review

By Heather Millar


"Nowadays, you can rent almost anything if you can’t really afford it : A
car, a house or a great sofa. And now you can rent the thing that takes
years to build up to -a friend. Thanks to rentafriend.com, a monthly or
annual fee (plus an hourly rate) will garner you a buddy for at least a


Dr. Irene Levine, author of the book, Best Friends Forever: Surviving
a Break-Up with Your Best Friend and thefriendshipblog. com
, said sites
such as Rentafriend concern her because the relationship between the
"friends" is unbalanced from the get-go. "I think that the fatal flaw of
a service like Rentafriend. com is that the relationship isn’t equal,
balanced or reciprocal because ‘rent’ is being paid. For that reason, it is likely to be more transient than a real friendship," she explains.


"Will a rented friend hang around when you no longer can or want to pay?…


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