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Five common pitfalls of female friendship

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As much as we would like them to,
many friendships—even the best of them—don’t last forever. So when a
close friendship falls apart, it’s natural to feel a sense of loss and
pain, particularly if the friendship was a meaningful one.

But with
some insight and understanding, we may be able to avoid the traps that
commonly derail female friendships.
I was delighted to be invited as a guest blogger on Girlfriend Celebrations where I outlined five common, but often avoidable, pitfalls of female friendships. Click here to read my entire post. 



A big shout-out to my friends, Girlfriends-in-Chief Dawn Bertuca and Tina VanZant Bishop (pictured above), for giving me this opportunity. Their web site, Girlfriend Celebrations, is one of the most inspiring and engaging sites on the web for women who, like us, believe in the extraordinary power of female friendships. Check out the blogs, contests, giveaways, and ideas for girlfriend get-togethers.


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