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Question: Does the Friendship Doctor make “housecalls?”

The Friendship Doctor makes two types of house calls:

If you are a member of a Reader or Book Group, you can invite Dr. Levine to participate in a discussion of Best Friends Forever: Surviving a Breakup with Your Best Friend. Depending on her availability, your location, and other logistical considerations, the housecall can take place, either in person or over Zoom or using Skype on a computer.

The Friendship Doctor is also available for lectures and discussions of friendship (e.g. understanding friendships at different stages of life; meeting the challenges of friendships in the workplace, how-to nurture friendships, ways to make new friends, dealing with toxic friends) customized for your own civic, religious, or philanthropic group, women’s group, educational institution, association or business organization.

1) Your name

2) Type of group (and name, if applicable)

3) The city, state, and zip code of the proposed event

4) Your email address

5) Phone number (including area code) of a contact person

6) Estimated size of the group

7) Possible timing (month and year)

Question: I have a friendship problem. Can I email The Friendship Doctor for advice? Do I need to use my real name?

As you can imagine, The Friendship Doctor is sometimes overwhelmed by the number of letters she receives from readers. Time permitting, she tries to answer questions that offer teachable lessons for others and that don’t repeat the themes of previous posts.

So your questions and my responses can help others; they may be posted on The Friendship Blog, The Huffington Post, Psychology Today, and any other print or online venues.

Yes, you can request anonymity, and it will be honored. However, the Friendship Doctor cannot answer individual emails you do NOT want posted online or reprinted anonymously.

She very much appreciates hearing from her readers, but if she doesn’t get to answer your letter personally, she hopes that you understand and that you will find relevant advice and inspiration in her book, Best Friends Forever: Surviving a Breakup with Your Best Friend or from reading other letters on my blog, www.TheFriendshipBlog.com. The archive is fully searchable.

You can contact Dr. Levine directly at [email protected] to request an author interview or appearance. She is conscientious (bordering on obsessive) about responding to media inquiries.

Question: How can I follow The Friendship Doctor on Facebook or Twitter?

That’s easy. Simply click on one of the buttons below. Hopefully, you’ll also return to her blog and subscribe to regular updates by providing your email address in the box on the blog homepage.



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