Facebook & Freshman Friends

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One of the most daunting aspects of college isn’t academic. It’s social—developing new friendships on campus as your high school friends scatter in different directions. A recent article in CNN.com/technology notes how the internet eases this transition for many incoming students by enabling them to identify and connect with collegiate peers prior to leaving home.

Using IM or email, roomies-to-be can introduce themselves and learn about each other before they come face-to-face (unless, of course, they have pictures on Facebook—then they can even see each other online). Using Facebook, they can identify fellow students from across the country and other parts of the world who will be part of their entering class.

Although all these friendships don’t always “take” or prove to be long-lasting, putting out social feelers helps take some of the edge off the anxiety of heading off to college. Once you’re there, the challenge is finding new friends who will be “keepers” and provide you with the social supports you’ll need during the next four years.


Source: Facebook eases freshmen fears, fosters friendship, CNN.com, September 7, 2007



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