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Expert Advice for Tricky Friendship Situations

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February 16, 202


When it comes to your pals, it’s not always fun and games. "No
relationship is perfect all the time, and friendships require work,"
says psychologist Irene Levine, Ph.D., author of Best Friends Forever.
That said, working through differences with a friend can actually
strengthen your bond-it proves that yours is a committed, deep
relationship that can weather hard times. Here’s how to handle common
trip-ups among friends.


Read Nicci Micco’s interview with Dr. Levine on the topic of tricky friendship situations here.


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  1. babs says:

    I am in a friendship group of 6 women. One of my friends children has been trying to bully my son. He has been bitten by him when they were 10, this was dealt with by school but my friend didnt speak to me for 6 weeks. After a year of being called names and having things thrown at him they had a fight in which my son didn’t start it but finished it. School dealt with it again and my son recieved no punishment as they didn’t feel it was serious. My friend has not spoken to me fir 3 months making it difficult gor me to meet with the others as she things I should appologies for the injuries her son apparently got from the fight but no one has seen evidence including school. She told school she would get police next time the children had an altication. What should I do, I feel the other 4 friends are too frightened to say anything to her and they have never asked me about it. But they all know why she is not talking.But she keeps turning to nights out and I feel I cant go . I feel. Let down by all of them

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