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In the Media – When you don’t like your nickname (Yahoo Style)

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A journalist wrestles with the dilemma of getting friends to stop using a nickname she doesn’t like.

April 12, 2016

Imagine a friend always using a nickname that feels like it belongs to someone else. What is she/he thinking?

In Yahoo Style, journalist Franki Cookney describes her first-person experience encountering this affront as well as examples from the media and anecdotes recounted by others. She writes:

My name isn’t Frannie, it’s Franki. Actually, it’s Francesca but I’ve been Franki (I dropped the ‘e’ aged 13 because I thought it looked cooler) for as long as I can remember. But at the age of about 17 my good friend Liz and I started calling each other “Frannie” and “Betty” as an inside joke. Our other friends caught on and for a while it was vaguely amusing. Until it wasn’t.

We got older, went off to university, and started to shape ourselves into the adults we saw ourselves becoming. “Betty” was dropped but for some reason “Frannie” endured. And so did her power to make my blood boil. The dumpy, cotton wool-stuffed ‘n’s in the middle coupled with the girlish, whining “eee” at the end. The very sound of it sets my nostrils aflare.

Cookney interviewed Dr. Levine for this piece and writes:

“Most people want to create their own identities rather than be defined by others,” she (Levine) said. “Our names are so basic to our sense of self that it feels discordant – and disrespectful – when someone uses a nickname rather than the name we want them to use.”

You can read the Yahoo Style article in its entirety here.

Have you ever suffered with a nickname?

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