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In the Media – Different ages and stages of friendship (Daily Mail UK)

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Screenshot (UK Daily Mail)

Screenshot (UK Daily Mail)

Writing in today’s Sunday UK Daily Mail, journalist Laura Silverman delves into the different ages and stages of friendships. In her article entitled, “The Seven Ages of Friendship,” she writes:

From playground BFFs and uni gangs to NCT soulmates and empty-nester chums, our close circle ebbs and flows over a lifetime.

Speaking to experts, she points out how different stages of one’s life pose different challenges and opportunities in terms of making friendships. Woven throughout the article are helpful tips for creating a posse of friends. In the section on empty-nester friendships, Silverman writes:

Your children have gone to university or maybe you have recently divorced. You have time again, but it can feel like too much time. ‘The major problem women have in making new friends at this stage is falling prey to the myth that it’s too late because everyone already has the friends they want,’ says Irene Levine, founder of thefriendshipblog.com and a professor of psychiatry at the New York University School of Medicine. ‘Nothing is further from the truth. Friendships are dynamic – as people’s circumstances change, so do their friendships…

As for making new friends, Levine comments: ‘From my experience, the willingness to share confidences and form intimate friendships is more likely to be a matter of personality than age. Many women grow more confident with age and are open to new friendships.’ 

You can read the Daily Mail article in its entirety here.

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