Could you be lost in migration?

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Based on an international survey of phone users, more than 1/4 of 122 respondents reported changing their phone numbers at least 20 times. Seven out of 10 users said they had lost touch with a friend because of a changed number.

  • Can you even guess how many phone numbers you’ve had since you began paying your own phone bill?
  • Have you lost touch with friends simply because you’ve lost a phone number or email address or do you believe that everyone is reachable?

Please share your experiences/comments!

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  1. CougarTales says:

    I have a friend who constantly changes her phone number….we will get in touch, keep in touch for a while and then she is gone b/c she changed her phone number. Just recently she sent me another new number say she was changing it in a few days and I did not bother to write it down and now she is gone again.
    – CougarTales

  2. Irene says:

    Hi Lazygal:
    Multiple email addresses are getting to be a hassle too. Too many things to check~
    So many of us got our training wheels on AOL!


  3. I’ve had more e-mail addresses than phone numbers (since leaving school, I’ve had five – and two of those I had for 8 and 12 years respectively). I think that cell phone numbers are starting to help with this – I’ve still got my number from two addresses/landline numbers ago.

    My reason for getting a gmail account was that I could keep it separate from work accounts and thus not have to migrate when I changed jobs. One friend I know keeps her AOL account for that reason (she has another account she uses for “real” e-mail, but the AOL is for anyone that Knew Her When).

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